Raising Awareness of Youth Representing Religious Minority Community of Georgia on the Issues of Euro-Atlantic Integration

The project aimed to raise awareness on NATO and EU among the youth, mostly representing the religious minority communities of Georgia, to replace the existing myths established as negative clichés about the West with the reliable information and increase the knowledge of local communities on short and long-term economic and social effects of integration with the West, as well as demonstrate the commitment of Georgian state towards the idea of Euro-Atlantic integration.

The project entailed conducting series of introductory seminars on NATO, EU and other related nation-wide topics with the youth residing in Guria and Mountainous Adjara, to raise awareness on the ardent issues among the local population as well as to show, that there is a high interest in their inclusion in the political and social life of the country.

The project was implemented by the Rondeli Foundation with the financial support of the NATO Liaison Office (NLO) Georgia.

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