Training Guidelines

Participation in this program is an honor as well as a responsibility. Our team is dedicated to helping make participants training experience both productive and rewarding. Accomplishment of this objective, however, very much depends on students' participation and commitment to their profession and the training.

In order to successfully graduate from "Training in Policy Development and Negotiation Techniques," participants are required to:

- Attend and participate in all program modules - a total of 120 hours.
- Participate in the study tour to Estonia.
- Under the guidelines of GFSIS mentors, develop and submit a policy document.
- Respect intellectual property rights and do not plagiarize. If plagiarism is discovered, the project team reserves the right to withdraw the student from the program.
- Participate in the public debates organized within the CBGL Project framework.

Following these simple guidelines will help ensure participants' success during the Training Program and achievement of the overall project objectives. Failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions may result in termination from the program.

The Project Team welcomes interested candidates to join the Training Program. We look forward to working and learning together.

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